Betania Episode 105 Friday 4/20/2018 Praise And Joy

April 20, 2018

We should be prasing and being joyful as Jesus set us free!  WIthout Him we would be held captive forever by the chains of sin that are attached to us.  Let this Easter Season fous on the Good that Jesus has done and what he truly is to us!  Last week I said his love not only endures forever, but so does his mercy!


Let us be prasing the one man who gave a lot for us to be free and to forever be joyful for his act of passion!


Betania Episode 104 Friday 4/13/2018

April 13, 2018

Want to know about Jesus infinite love?  Well you may say, I already do know about it and I always have known about Jesus!  However, being HIS love is infinite it means that just when you think you know it all there is more as HIS love never ends and all the days of our lives could not even begin to comprhend it all!


Come on in and listen to the Divine Mercy our always loving God has for all of us!


Betania Episode 103 Friday 4/6/2018 The Resurection

April 6, 2018

What more to say about Jesus rising from the dead?  It has all been said year after year whenver Easter Sunday comes around.  However, we need to be reminded of the joy that Christ has given us and what testimonies are out there of what each of us think about it!


Today I give my insights to it all as it is so wonderful!


Betania Episode 102 Friday 3/30/2018 The Good

March 30, 2018

Why is Good Friday so good!  Listen in and learn how good this day really is as its the center of all Crhistianity.

I give a great insight to what is good and how all have come to know Jesus Christ and how his name really is the Name Above All Names.



Betania Episode 101 3/23/2018 Resurection and Family

March 23, 2018

As I have been saying the family comes first as it is the institution we spend our most time in even after church.  We make followers of Christ in this, so we must set the young ones right.  We must put them on that path to Jesus which is so difficult being Satan is always around.  He lives on the streets, he lives on televison. he lives inside politics, and he is in our schools.

Not to worry as good parents can handle this and with Jesus it is very possible to train your young onto that straight and narrow.


Betania Episode 100 Friday 3/16/2018 My Opinion

March 15, 2018

What is my opinion?  What qualifies me to state it?  Well I have no knowliedge of being in the family, but I have been reaised in one.  Yes, I am not like Maria Esperanza nor other married individulas who raised a family, but I know enough from hearing their testimonies said everyplace that I have some insight to all of this.

Plus Scripture states it quite highwly that the foundation for the individula is in the familly.   Words in the Bible support that a good family must be present for all to endure.  Even Maria Esperanza said that it is the Little Church and she testified in Father Tim's Book how she raised her and her husband's offsprings and methods of rasing to make the perfect little church.  To this day, her children have children and are very close knitted and most of all untied through Jesus Christ through his Death and Resurection


So I share to you what I have witnessed by them and what is written in Sacred Scripture.


Betania Episode 99 Friday 3/9/2018 Focus

March 9, 2018

Focus we must.  WHo to fous on is Jesus of course. Continuing my Lenten Podcasts about the family. The most important unit in our lives to spread the news of Savation.  Maria Esperanza through the ramily was the "Little CHurch" and for good reason.

Maria Esperanza de Bianchini did not also think the family is important. As I listen to Z Radio 88 in Orlando I hear words from Chuch Swindell and even a website called Focus On THe Family that is about how important the ramily is to Christ and how it is the key to being who we really are.

The Family is most important and you need to keep it running and to treat it as one entitiy.  ALl throughout Lent I covered various aspects of what the ideal family should be and how to keep your children close to you without smothing them.  Today I continue on another exciting talk about the family.

So come inside and Get Inspired.


Betania Episode 98 Friday 3/2/2018 To Be Soemthing

March 1, 2018

Again I focus on our family: The Domestic Church.  It is important that we keep our family united as it is important for evangelization to have one strong!  Let us take a look at  how it plays a role in our lives to make Jesus known to the whole universe.


Come on in and get inspired!  


Betania Eposiode 97 Friday 2/23/2018 Separte But Equal

February 23, 2018

Both parents have equal roles in raising a family, hoowver each paretn has their own duties to do to accomplish the same goal in keeping the Domestic Church, as Servant of God Maria Esperanza calls it.  The family can only be that perfect institution if only each parent can do the part they should be doing.

No I am not a parent myself, so all this is from Maria herself who raised 7 children herself and has had great sucess.   She has been blessed by the Lord and she had a great family and still does post death.   She carried out Jesus' word to her children quite well and they all turned out also to be servants of Jesus just as we are all supposed to be.

Come on in and get inspired.  Jesus loves you even in your darkest momemts.


Betania Episode 96 Friday 2/16/2018 Follow

February 16, 2018

Today we need to follow our children and take a much active interest in what they do.  The streets are dangerous and so does Maria Esperanza show great concern that letting our kids learn morals from it instead of at home could lead them into grave danger.


Today starts my Lenten Podcasts, which I take a closer look at the family!  I focus on the Domestic Church in which she calls the Family.  The Servant of God, who had one herself was very close and moral minded as Maria never let her offsprings learn about life from others outsikde her very own church.

I cover some words of wisdom she says as well as some inspiring Scripture in the First Friday of Lent 2018 to inspire you that Lent is a good thing.  It makes you realize your wrongs and reminds us Jesus forgives those transgressions and always invites you to move forward instead of the previous reverse you have done.