Betamia Episode 116 Friday 7/13/2018 The Begininng

July 12, 2018

The begininng?  It is always a beginning as what has happened up until now is the past!  So from this moment on you start anew!  So why not make it a good one.  Just let yourself start fresh with some new ideas and move on to brand new horrizons!  Why not make it now your goal to accomplish all you want!  Why not make it the moment you turn more to God!


Are we at the end when we have a bad day? Or are we at the begininng of something good?

As all good starts out bad, we should look at our trials and tribulations as the fresh start!  Something beuatiful! Something beyond good!


Betania Episode 115 Friday 7/6/2018 The Story

July 6, 2018

Who is Maria Esperanza?

Well today I tell you a brief synopsis on just who she is!  The woman I often speak of you will get to know in this special podcast!

So allow yourself sometime and just be amazed!  This woman is beyond remarkable!  You will be inspired as one lady was appointed to be a special servant to bring us to Christ in a most unusual way.


Betania Episode 114 Friday 6/29/2018 Back To Betania

June 29, 2018

I have been for a long time talking about my inspiration, Servant Of God Maria Esperanza, however, some of you newcomers would like to know more about her and what Betania (her creation) is about!    So I offer you a trip back to Betania where it all began.


Betania Epsisode 113 Friday 6/22/2018 Lets Pray

June 22, 2018

Prayer is the way!  It not only answers people's requests, but also allows us to build a better relationship with Jesus!  By constanly praying we build ourselves closer to the Spirit as well as within Jesus Christ.

Many of us are always too busy, but if we at least think about HIM and pray quietly, even at work, we can still be in check with our beloved who loves us so dearly and wants nothing to be other than be with us.


Betania Episode Friday 6/15/2018 112 Who Am I

June 15, 2018

Who Am I should really be answered in Who I Am.  Today I go into dept of Who Am I as it all points to God the I Am.


He makes things happen, such as the Sun shine, the rain fall, and even for us to breath.  Each moment we need to examine what is, and to ponder on what it is for us.


Betania Episode 111 Friday 6/8/2017

June 8, 2018

How Great!  We live in an awesome world.  We get a second chance at eternity despite our failings.  Not to mention God does other great things around us!


He sent many people with many situations to help his beloved and he even sent many to heal, to comfort, or just to be there for another or even make it happen!  That is something good to happen in a life.


I myself should really be grateful as I am a sinner and He sent Jesus to save me when I call on HIM.  So we have a Great God for sure!


Friday 6/1/2018 Betania The Holy Spirit

June 1, 2018

The Holy Spirit is alive and waiting for us.  We just need to call on him as he will give us great wonders and powers we never knew we have had.  Just listen in and learn how we are negelecting HIS spirit and could be using in ways the first disciples did.


Betania 109 Friday 5/25/2018 Why Do We Suffer

May 24, 2018

Somebody at my job told me she disbelieves only because the world suffers and that she thinks that God should intervene and stop the suffering personally!  That of course is the inspiration behind this here podcast!

Sorry I did not have one in a while, but I was busy.  However, after doing other work for the Lord, I have this here cast about why suffering exists as it goes hand in hand with anotehter episode to follow.  It answers some of what we all wonder about why so much suffering in our world today.


Hope you like it and please be sure to share it if you do so that many can become more inspired in our Lord!  Just link on the link and you are set to another great discussion of why this world is the way it is and why its not stopped by intermediate intervention by our Heavenly Father.


Betania Episode 108 Friday 5/11/2018

May 11, 2018

Everything in life is so ironic!  The belief system is ironic!  Yet many of us forget that God does not think like us humans do, so irony is there.

Listen today as I inpire you that God's way is not ours as we think different than HE.  We cannot even imagine what HE thinks, so we must TRUST!  Just as our saviour says, "Believe" as that means we must trust what we cannot see.


Betania Episode 107 Sunday 5/6/2018 It Is He

May 6, 2018

It is God that allows you to be free!  It is God who allows you to be who you are!  It is HE who lets all the good happen in your life!


More reason why we should give credit to this God who loves us so much, that HE raised HIS only beloved Son to be our King!  As everything good comes from HIM!  Therefore IT IS HE who makes all possible!