Betania Episode 92 Friday 1/19/2018 The Four Pillars

January 19, 2018


What are the four pillars?   Tune in today and you will find out.  They not only support Betania but all our daily lives.  If we want to be closer to Jesus these four pillars will help you achiever that goal.

We all are adopted children of God through Jesus Christ our Saviour.  We need the act of reconciliation, no not that what some of us participate in when we go to Confession, although that is part of it, but being one through HIM.  Remember, we all are lost and found only through HIM.  We must first reconcile with ourselves and then through Jesus Death on the Cross before we have total grace from Heaven.

Today I cover just what these four pillars are, and thus you will be enlightened.


Betania Episdode 91 Friday 1/12/2018 Just Who Maria Is

January 12, 2018

Just who is the lady I have been talking about?  Well to newcomers to this podcast, and FB page, I explain in a quick summary to who and what she has done.  I tell you little bits of who she was and what she accomplished and how our Father through Jesus, got her to where she is through total irony.

Maria just wanted to be a Nun, but God used her desire to work in a convent to find a place in life as a married woman still serving HIM.  Most is from Father Tim E. Byerly who knew Maria and is a instrumental piece of the Betania Foundation that is the legacy that Our Mother left for us through the Bianchini Family, who I share with you his testimony on the mission of Betania in this here broadcast.

Open up the podcast and let the Holy Spirit take over and fill your soul with desire for Salvation!  Most of all learn about this terrific mission and how God created it to do wonders!


Betania Episode 90 Friday 1/5/2018 Family Life and Evangelization

January 5, 2018

The first Friday of the New Year I have plenty to discuss as Servant of God, Maria Esperanza, had a lot to say about the virtue of Family Life.    I covered many apsects of them and share them here with you.

Both Family Life and Evangelization go real well together as the first allows for the second to take place.  Come inside and get inspired by listening to some sound words about why both family and evangelization is so important in the lives of all.


Betania Episode 89 Friday 12/29/2017 Balance

December 29, 2017

We all do need balance in our lives.  A balanced workload to get tasks done.  Even a balanced diet to maintain good health.  However, we also need a good spiritual balance to lead us back to God as well.


Today I discuss the virtue of Balance and how Servant of God, Maria Esperanza delt with it and how she made recreation part of keeping a well balanced spiritual life for the woman dedicated to God. 


In addition I tell you about how something changed my life this Christmas to make me more closer to Jesus than I was before.  So come inside and get inspired!


Betania Episode 88 Friday 12/22/207 Joy and Humility

December 22, 2017

The virtues of Joy and Humilty are needed to make the perfect Christian!!  Even Servant of God Maria Esperanza held these close to her when talking to her pilgrims looking to build a closer relationship with Jesus.


Get inspired today as we take a deeper look not only to their meanings, but how we need to use them wisely to be true followers of Christ.


Betania Episode 87 Friday 12/15/2017 The Misconception about the Immaculate Conception

December 14, 2017

The Immaculate Conception is not what many think it is.  Sure Jesus' conception was not like any other human, as it was done by spirt and not by flesh as HE was the pure sacrifice, but it is not.   Learn more about Jesus and his earthly Mother as you never did before, as its not like you think.  


The Lord Jesus was pure and sinless, and therefore HE had to come from a clean environment, and I explain some of that.  I also read from 1 Peter and have some inspiring thoughts on it, and prayers for many as we all need them.


Betania Episode 86 Friday 12/8/2017 The Our Father

December 8, 2017

Just wjat is the Lord's Prayer?  Is it just words we say asking 7 requests from our Heavenly Father?  Well, yes and no!

The prayer is also pointing to the Lord our Saviour as well.  Although he gave us those words to ask our Father for all that we need, it is HE himself who we need the most! 

St Emyard has words to say to back everything requested in the greatest prayer ever given to us


Betania Episode 85 Friday 12/1/2017 The Christmas Misconception

November 30, 2017

Many of us fall not only into the shopping thing each and every December, but are also misconceived about Christmas in General.  We caught up in it and we fail to realize that we are really i it.

I talk to you about what we are doing and what we really need to be doing each time the calendar rolles around to the end of Novemember.


Betania Episode 84 Friday 11/17/2017 Love

November 16, 2017

This podcast defines the word "Love" as it is a word we all use everyday in our vocabulary.  What does it really mean?  Who is behind love?  Its all defined in today's show.  Episode 84 so come in and get inspired.


Betania Episode 83 Friday 11/10/2017 The Catholic Churh and Jesus Teachings

November 9, 2017

Why are Catholics Catholic?  What does it all mean?  How does Catholism fit in with the words in Scripture and what are those words now to us and always?


Inside i take a deeper look into what is being said and reminded to us fallen from God and that it is in the Bible commands we are (and need to) follow.